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All Motion Fitness provides the very best in online personal training. Our certified personal trainers create custom fitness programs that are individualized and focused on your desired results. The most convenient and affordable way to get in the best shape of your life.
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Online Personal Training

Working with an online personal trainer is the easiest and most affordable way to have the best exercise programs customized to your goals by a certified personal trainer. You get an awesome personal trainer, fully customized routines, an amazing custom App to guide you while you train, and so much more all at a fraction of the cost of hiring personal trainers at traditional gyms and clubs.


Get an awesome personal trainer at a fraction of the cost with so many more benefits! Easy month to month personal trainers. No contracts. Just Results.

We’ll keep you motivated and check-in with you about your progress. You’ll get lots of feedback from us, and we’ll be available to help you with workouts, nutrition and more.
100% expertly designed custom plan by your own personal trainer.  No cookie cutter templates. We’ll create the right program for your fitness goals.

Spend your time working out.  Our App is simple to use, you trainer will load your workouts into the App. Just enter your reps, sets or time and you are done!

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1. Determine your Unique Fitness Goals

We will get to know you, find out your goals and then design a fitness plan that includes your fitness level, health, weight, schedule and personal goals


2. Create Your Personal Online Training Program

When you are ready, we start your online personal training program.  With an easy to use App, your workout is the first step to better health and fitness.

3. Monitor and Track Your Workout Progress

We monitor and track your fitness progress. Our App allows us to adjust your training plan as needed to keep you on target for your specific goals toget results faster.

4. Get Your Results and Reach your Goals

Training and fitness often requires adjustments to continue improving on your goals.  Once you have reached your goals, we can help you stay fit and healthy.

Online Personal Training

We bring a healthy lifestyle to you! We create customized fitness and nutrition programs that are unique, goal driven, and challenging. Regardless of your goals, our online personal training programs makes your exercise and fitness routine convenient and creative. By having your own trainer and coach, we ensure your goals and benchmarks are met.

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A complete exercise and fitness program combined with nutritional planning is the best way to getting toned up, while losing fat and building muscle.

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Cardio & Competitive Sports Training

Interested in completing a 5K run, triathlon, mountain bike race or another endurance sport, we can help you train right to reach the finish line.
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Muscle, Strength & Flexibility Training

With a custom tailored workout plan, weight and resistance training plans are designed to help you gain strength and build muscle, while losing fat.
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We offer nutrition counseling and body composition testing. With the right plan, it’s easy to reach your nutrition and weight management goals.

We Bring Personal Training to You. No Matter Where You Are.

As experienced fitness experts, we provide individualized training programs. We are certified and highly experienced personal trainers fully devoted to guiding you towards your goals. We work with you to create a fitness program specific to your needs, fitness level and goals. With online personal training from All Motion Fitness, reaching your goals is easier than ever before!


We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals through personal training. We create program specific to your needs and goals. You’ll gain the skills, knowledge and fundamentals to make better fitness and nutrition part of your lifestyle.


We provide specialized sport-specific training, from weightlifting to running to skiing. We can help you maximize athletic performance in your sport. Fitness testing and individual training plans will help you excel.


With nutrition counseling, we provide the tools to plan your meals with expert nutrition advice and online support. We provide one-on-one planning to help you improve your diet and performance.

Ready For Results

We bring a healthy lifestyle to you! We will customize a program that will be more personal, unique, goal driven, and challenging than what you have experienced before.

We Deliver Results

Our online personal trainers provide you with customized exercise routines, nutrition counseling and support all blended with the convenience of having a personal trainer with you at every workout. We are here to make sure that life doesn’t get in the way of your health and fitness goals, all while having fun doing a great workout!


Whether you train you at home, in parks, your work or at your gym, we will be with you in the palm of your hand. Wherever and whenever it’s convenient, you’ll have your own personal trainer.

Personal Accountability

We are here to cheer and motivate you on the most challenging days. We provide you with accountability – making sure you are completing workouts, following nutrition plans, while providing the support you need.

Transparent Results

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat or maintain your current fitness levels, we provide professional level, full body composition testing to show the results of your exercise and fitness plan.

What Our Clients Say

All Motion Fitness is very committed to getting client’s results. I had never used an online trainer or an App for my workouts. I have enjoyed having my routines ready and a personal trainer when I have questions! They are easy to work with, friendy, convenient and way less expensive then the trainers at the gym. They are always ready to provide help, support and solutions. Sara M.

As a guy in his mid-40s, I developed a “dad bod.” These guys are awesome and helped me drop 10% body fat and have packed on muscle. My cardio fitness and confidence has improved so much I am now training for my first marathon. I have never been stronger or fitter since training with All Motion Fitness. They are great motivators, know how to kick my butt and working out a blast! Jeremy K.

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