About Us

All Motion Fitness provide online personal training for those looking to improve their health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle.

Online Personal Trainers


So what makes us different – we are focused on providing convenient, flexible and affordable online personal training. We provide highly qualified certified personal trainers to create personal plans for your goals. Maybe you are interested in building muscle, losing fat, running a 5k or another goal.  We will help you reach your fitness, lifestyle and health goals, in a way that is a fraction of the costs of traditional gyms and fitness clubs.

About Us

We are an online personal training company that works with clients across the US.  With our personal training programs, you will get the results you are looking for no matter if it’s losing weight, increasing your cardio fitness, or packing on lean mass. We handcraft training workouts for those just starting out, to advanced athletes looks to take their training to the next level.

What We Do

All Motion Fitness teaches clients to safely and effectively exercise at home, gyms, park or wherever your training takes you. No matter your personal goals, we provide you with comprehensive personal training online via your connected device so you will always have a workout on the go.


A complete exercise and fitness program combined with nutritional planning is the best way to getting toned up, while losing fat and building muscle.

Cardio Fitness & Competitive Sports

Interested in completing a 5K run, triathlon, mountain bike race or another endurance sport, we can help you train right to reach the finish line.

Muscle & Strength

With a custom tailored workout plan, weight and resistance training plans are designed to help you gain strength and build muscle, while losing fat.


We offer nutrition counseling to help you find the right plan. Let us show you how easy it is to reach your nutrition and weight goals.


Having an online personal trainer is the easiest way to bring a certified personal trainer with you on every workout. Let our experts help guide you on your path to improved health and fitness! We create customize designed programs for your personal goals.

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