Mobile and Online Personal Training

All Motion Fitness was founded to help provide personal training for those looking to improve their health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle.

So what makes up different – we are focused on providing convenient, flexible and affordable in-Home Fitness Training. We provide highly qualified certified personal trainers for the home, office, park or where ever is convenient.  Many people find their fitness, lifestyle and health goals and needs are not being met by traditional gyms and fitness clubs.

What We Do

What do we do- All Motion Fitness teaches clients to safely and effectively exercise at home, gyms, nearby park, or even at your office using a personalized exercise program.  No matter your personal goals, we provide clients with comprehensive personal training for:


  • weight loss and body sculpting
  • strength, flexibility and weight training
  • cardio fitness
  • nutrition counseling
  • body fat and body composition testing


Fitness brings a healthy lifestyle to you! We will customize a program that will be more personal, unique, goal driven, and challenging than what you will find in a gym setting

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