Personal Training Programs

Reach your fitness goals by having your own personal trainer.  We create your custom online training plan that you simply follow on your connected device through our App.  Whether you are focised on building mass, or want full body fitness, we mix and match training plans to help you reach your results faster and stay streamlined for a specific goal such as a marathon. Below are a few of our personal training plans that we can combine to keep you focused and keep your workouts exciting.

Build Muscle

Personalized workouts are the stepping stone to help you transform your body. From beginner to advanced routines, we guarantee you pack on new muscle and add strength.

Mens 40+ Workouts

Thought you couldn’t build muscle after 40? Well you can, and our comprehensive workout plans for those looking to gain their fitness, muscle and strength are a sure way to get there.

Womens 40+ Workouts

No matter your current fitness levels, we create workouts that focus on exercise that are most beneficial and effective in reachng your fitnesss goals.

Fat Loss Plans

Looking to tone up and get ready for an event? Looking to drop a size or two?  Our workouts will definitly turn up the heat on that unwanted body fat in no time while keep you moving.

HIIT Cardio Workouts

Take the intensity to the next level and burn more calories in less time. Not for the faint hearted, you’ll get a mixture of compound resistance training and cardio bursts programs.

Sports Specific Training Plans

Running a 5k or a Marathon, mixing it up with a Triathlon or a Century. We’ll make a custom plan so you perform at your very best for you upcoming event.

Circuit Workouts

Get ready to boost your metabolic rate and get burning calories like never before! Burn calories and get toned with circuit training. We makes fun  and challenging workouts for all abilities.

Mixed Workouts

Challenge yourself to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.  Burn more calories and add some lean mass at the same time. Cardio, resistance training and more – whats not to like.

Bodyweight Workout

Stay focused with great full bodyweight workouts. We design these workouts with you not necessarily needing a gym – so no more excuses for not training. Takes these workouts with you!

Kettlebell Workouts

Ready to mix in some full body dynamic workouts? Our workouts will leave their mark! From beginner to advanced, these kettlebell workouts will challenge any body!

Home Workouts

What’s more convenient than working out at your home or while you are travelling. Stay on target with a custom bodyweight workout that can be completed anytime.

Ab & Core Workouts

Ready to put focus on your abs and core? Working on building a stronger mid-section along all while developing great abs will keep you pushing for a straong mid-section.

Glute Workouts

From beginner to advanced, we create a glute workout for your body type! Our workouts are aimed to hit your glutes from every angle to step up your training and improve your behind!

Stretching Workouts

Get Loose! You will get a variety of stretching routines to help unlock your full range of motion through designed stretching routines. Add more muscle and increase your flexibility.

Body Part Workouts

Want strong arms, a well-developed chest and muscular back or stronger legs. We’ll train you to develop particular body parts, increase strength or just add some lean mass.

Senior Workouts

Specially designed and carefully crafted workouts to keep seniors moving and active! We work with beginner to advanced exercisers. No matter your goals, we have something for everyone.

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