5 Reasons to Hire an Online Personal Trainer

Has the time come that you no longer want to be overweight, out of shape, or maybe just plain unhealthy. If you have decided, you need help, there’s a pretty good chance you will need to hire a personal trainer. For many people, the better option is to hire an online personal trainer.

An online trainer – yes, you can quickly benefit from having your own personal trainer online. Furthermore, research shows that personal trainers are a significant benefit to those looking to exercise smartly, with studies in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and the Journal of Strength Conditioning & Research showing superior strength improvements with supervised training.

1. Online training offers more benefits

After many people realize online personal training may be a great option, the first question is, “what are online personal training prices.” At a most gyms, personal training will range from $40-$100 per 30 to 60 minute training session. So, if you have a trainer, it can easily be over $400 a month for 2 sessions per week. The cost could skyrocket to as much as twice that depending on where you live, the trainer, and the frequency of your visits.

But don’t forget about your nutrition counseling – that’s another costs to remember? The good news it can be much less expensive to have your online personal trainer to do both your training and your nutrition. By having your online trainer, it allows for you to get all the benefits of having a trainer and a nutritionist, without the expense and inconvenience of having multiple coaches – it’s a huge difference in savings for both the training and nutritional aspect of your fitness plan.

2. You love having (or need)  convenience and flexibility

Convenience at its best. So when do you workout if your trainer is online? It’s easy, simply train when it fits your schedule. This is a huge perk of hiring a trainer online; you set your own schedule. There is no need to coordinate your schedule with your personal trainers, and no or rescheduling to have to deal with. Your workouts are in the App, you simply follow your workout, and that’s it! You can work when you want because you have your training plan and know exactly what you need to do. You can expect the most flexibility and low stress with an online personal trainer.

2. You get a highly qualified professional personal trainer

Depending on where you live, the availability of a great, certified personal trainer may be limited. Additionally, local trainers may not have the same qualifications or experience in fitness, as you are able to find and hire online. The web gives you access to these experienced professionals that you wouldn’t normally be able to have access to.

3. You’ll get a high level of personal accountability

Okay, online personal training sounds great but will you hold me accountable?” Sure, this could certainly cause some apprehensions in hiring an online trainer. However, just because we are not next to you counting every rep for you we have amazing tools which are even better than in-person training to be sure we keep you accountable. The first is our custom app allows our personal trainers to maintain extensive communication.

Secondly, we encourage you to use the App for you to record your weight, measurements, and, possibly, pictures every two weeks. This evaluation allows us to track your progress and provides us a chance to update your workouts online evaluate the effectiveness of the training plan. We are focused on keeping you accountable, but we also use all data, including diet to help evaluate and explore the effectiveness of your training plan.

Remember, you are the one who wants this to change your life. You made a personal commitment to get into great shape and be the healthiest you can. Additionally, you are making a financial commitment to yourself by hiring fitness experts to guide you on your journey.

4. What about learning the exercises

Some participants are initially concerned with the uncertainty of how to some of the exercises in their personal training plan. The good news, there is nothing to be concerned with here! Every single assigned exercise with have a full demonstration HD video and a full written description. Not sure if you have perfect form? No problem, just take a quick clip of your form with you smartphone, and we will be sure you are doing the exercises properly so we can correct and adjust any form issues that may arise. You can do this anytime, no longer do you have to wait for a personal training session.

We also want you to take what you learn from us so you can work towards creating your own training sessions. By learning the exercises on your own, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to design your workouts.

5. Communication for success

Deciding to hire an online personal trainer may seem a little different than past experiences with trainers. However, it works great and continues to be the trend. Moreover, for many participants it can be better than hiring a trainer at your gym. With an online trainer, you can ask questions and get support much faster than waiting for your next scheduled appointment.

I hope this information answers some of your questions and concerns about hiring an online personal trainer. Most importantly, you are making the most important decision in pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully you will find that hiring an online personal trainer will provide you with more bang for your buck!

If a hiring an in personal trainer is out of your budget at your local gym, try hiring an online personal trainer to get the best prices. If you are ready for changing your life, see how our online personal training can accelerate your results.

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