Benefits Of Online Personal Training

Ever wondered how an online personal trainer works, and, well what the advantages are? At All Motion Fitness, we are here to tell you that the many benefits of an online personal trainer eliminate many of the disadvantages found with one-on-one in-person training. With advantages like affordability, flexible scheduling and trackable results, it’s a great option for many people especially if traditional in-person training isn’t a good fit for you. Below are some of the major advantages we offer with online personal training.

Workout on your own schedule: Since our workout sessions aren’t in person, you can choose to workout anytime. The workout routines are uploaded into your app and always available. This is extremely convenient, so you don’t have to coordinate your schedule with a trainer at the gym across town, or rush from work to get to the gym. You don’t have to worry about having to pay for not making a “session.”

Affordability: Not everyone has the funds for one-on-one gym sessions. At more than $75.00 an hour, especially if you want to train more than once a week, personal training can be quite expensive. But as online personal trainers we charge a lot less for online training than in-person sessions. In some cases, you might find that an entire month of online training is less than one hour of one-on-one, in-person training.

Communication: How often do you think you would message an in-person trainer for advice? Well, with online training, you can message your trainer at any time. You can do it through an online personal training app. Being online means the lines of communication are always available. To be honest, you probably get even more attention from our online trainers because we are routinely checking in on you through the app.

Always have Access to an Expert: Working with an online personal trainer means they don’t even have to be in the same city as you. We have the perfect personal trainer suited to your fitness goals and budget–whether that’s senior fitness, weight loss, or marathon training, the options are limitless. Our online personal trainers also offer have nutrition guidance and meal plans available as well.

Keeping Motivation and Accountability: While online training may involve more self-motivation, we are just a click away. Trainers check in on your progress and make sure that you are completing your workouts. Having someone to encourage you and hold you accountable can be very helpful when cultivating your own internal motivation.

Seeing Your Results:  Now that your entire routine is online, it’s trackable. Ever wanted to know if you’ve ever done that many reps, or lifted that heavy of a weight before? Our fitness app will tell you if you’ve hit a personal best. Even stats like body weight and body measurements can be tracked and viewed on a graph over time to let you know how much you have improved on your fitness journey.

Some questions have been raised about the safety of online training vs. one on one in-person training. While an individual with no exercise experience may be better suited with one on one in-person training, those who have a basic understanding of personal fitness could really benefit from a custom exercise routine put together by a certified personal trainer.

To help with clarity, online trainers can provide custom exercise videos and clear instructions on how to do a specific exercise. If there is still confusion, you can always message any questions you have to your trainer. You have support and fitness advice around the clock with a personal trainer in your pocket.

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