Online Personal Trainer Prices

There are so many benefits to hiring an online personal trainer. You don’t have to go anywhere, it’s extremely convenient (choose your own time for training), and the costs are far below regular personal training.

Personal Trainer Prices

For in-person personal training, prices are much higher than online personal training. One-on-one personal training prices vary from $50-$100 per hour. And that goes up quickly for a month, depending on the trainer’s knowledge, qualifications and experience and the value you get. Online training prices also vary widely from $50-$250 depending on the services you need. With the lowest price, you probably won’t get much quality feedback and your training program. We believe communication is critical for success with online training. See our prices here. We communicate with you daily and we get lots of data from you:  workout data, personal measurements, pictures and more.

How Much Should I Pay For Online Training?

The right answer depends on many factors. It will depend on both the experience of the trainer and the needs of the client.  Some trainers charge for everything and some focus more on a personal training program only. We communicate with you throughout your training period, daily and as needed. Our App allows for texting, email communication, phone calls and more, with your certified personal trainer so you always have someone available.  Always compare several training options from different online personal trainers and decide which one works best for you – quality, training approach and pricing.

Can I Replace My Regular Personal Training with Online Personal Training?

Regular one-on-one training works great for a wide variety of people.  As online personal trainers, our goal is to communicate with the client so we can understand you the client.  There are a number of advantages for us as online trainers:  With our App, we can recognize your fitness state, chat about your motivation level, establish and focus on goals. Although we are not counting your reps, online personal training comes with many advantages for you: convenient, costs far less, is more personal among other benefits compared with regular personal training. If you are motivated and dedicated to change, that’s all yo need to get in the best shape of your life.

Choosing Online Training for the Benefits

  • Workout on your own schedule: you can choose to workout anytime and never worry about missing or rescheduling an appointment.
  • Affordability: Huge savings, depending on where you live, an entire month of online personal training is less than one hour of one-on-one, in-person training.
  • Communication: we are here to support you, and that starts with communication. You find you get more attention from your online trainers because we are constantly checking in on you through the app.
  • Certified, Fitness Experts: We have expert personal trainers suited to your fitness goals and budget–whether that’s bodybuilding, weight loss, or marathon training, we are your experts.
  • Motivation and Accountability: We are constantly checking on your progress.  We are here to motivate you and keep you on track by completing your workouts and providing nutrition consulting.

How Our Personal Training Packages Work

We work hard to create budget friendly, effective and flexible workouts that create effective online training solutions. Here is the process

1. Determine Your Unique Fitness Goals

We find out your goals and then design a fitness plan that includes your fitness level, health, weight, schedule and personal goals.

2. Create your personal online training program

When you are ready, we design your custom online personal training program.

3. Workout with Our Custom App

Workouts are easy to follow, our simple to use App will be programmed with your daily workout routines and more. Simply follow each day’s workout.

4. Monitor and Track Your Progress

Our App allows us to adjust your training plan as needed to keep you on target for your specific goals.

5. Get Results and Reach your Goals

Training and fitness often requires adjustments to continue improving on your goals.  Once you have reached your goals, we can help you stay fit and healthy.

Why Choose Our Online Personal Training?

All Motion Fitness personal training programs are created 100% for each person, no cookie cutter programs here. We offer an amazing App, full email support, text messaging, FaceTime or Skype, client interface to provide constant communication. In addition to my constant communication, we also provide HD videos explaining how to perform exercises, including tempo, rep range and sets.

Without a question, online personal training prices are far more affordable and can be as, if not more effective than traditional personal training. Contact us if you have any further questions regarding online personal training.

If you are looking for a customized workout plan, in a customized APP that tracks your data, see how our online personal training can accelerate your results.

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